What is Budgeting You Want

What do we look for in a budget?

  • Minimize Waste and Regret
  • Optimized to Personal Needs and Goals
  • Clarity
  • Agility (life isn’t always predictable)
  • Simplified where possible
  • Source of Connection (vs contention)
  • Source of Peace

Our Focus Areas

Personal Finances

Establishing stability, moving on to security, and growing financial freedom.

Financial Crisis

When there should be enough, but the math isn’t working, or an event set you back.

Small Business Budget Coaching

Need help separating personal and business or getting business budget coaching that makes profit work?

Our Coaches

We offer budget coaching for individuals, couples, and groups, as well as companies wishing to provide financial wellness as a benefit to their workers. Jeanine and John both have a history of helping people move from financial frustration to durable progress toward personal financial freedom. If you are local and are “looking for budgeting services near me,” we work out of the Benton Harbor/St. Joseph Michigan area. Otherwise, we meet with many of our clients online.

If you are struggling with budgeting tools, spreadsheets, EveryDollar, YNAB, or other tools, we are also glad to help you conquer the challenges there.

John Farrar

Husband, father, follower of Jesus Christ, veteran, former software developer/software architect/a.k.a. geek.

Certified Ramsey Budgeting Coach.
Certified YNAB Budgeting Coach.

Jeanine Farrar

As a wife and mom to thirteen children, she is experienced in managing finances and navigating crises. She is skilled in planning for today’s needs and securing our future. She enjoys helping others create a vision for their financial future.

Certified Ramsey Budgeting Coach.

John and Jeanine Farrar, Budget Coaching for Couples

Couples Coaching

Sometimes, it helps couples engage with another couple in the process. We offer this option and find it often provides a better experience. Regarding budgeting tools, we know it is rare that any couple uses them the same way. After nearly four decades of marriage, we are also familiar with the relationship struggles you may be facing.